Friends of the Animals
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A wide range of animals

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

Here are some of the dogs we have available for adoption at this time
Friends of the Animals would like to thank the Petfinder Foundation for the Chill Pad Mats that we received!  Our animals love them!  You can see the Chill Pad mats in some of our pictures of the dogs shown below!




Luna can be a fiesty girl.  She loves to run and jump and play.  She sits on command. She may not have the best first impression but she has many other impressions that will win your heart the first time around.  
Leroy is a very loving and sweet boy.  He loves children and gets along with most dogs. He prefers to be in a home where the owner can spend lots of time with him.  He can't wait to be apart of your Forever Home!!!!
C.J. prefers to be in a home with older children and no other animals.  He can be sweet at times but most of the time he can very temperamental. He just needs thatone-of-a-kind Forever Home.  

Click here to download our adoption questionnaire.  You may save the file, fill it out, and email a copy to us, or you may print a copy and bring it into the shelter during our open hours.